Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days


Set the foundations of a six-figure writing business in just seven days when you become a fiction ghostwriter.

Love writing fiction? You can build a wonderful writing business when you write fiction to order. Whether you're a new author, or are an experienced pro, discover the secrets of professional ghostwriting.

You'll discover:

  • The new world of ghostwriting: new "stealth" publishers who hire writers and pay well;
  • How to write novels fast — discover how to turn 25 words into 60,000 words in a couple of months;
  • How to find clients who'll happily pay a deposit of $5,000 or more (upfront) for your words, and much more.

Let's start at the beginning.

What's a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes to order. As the word "ghost" suggests, a ghostwriter is invisible. After he pays for the ghostwriter's services, a client owns the complete copyright in the ghostwriter's words.

Wedded to your words? If your are, ghostwriting might not be for you. On the other hand, if you're more interested in writing and getting paid than you are in getting credit for your words, you might have a lucrative career as a ghostwriter ahead of you.

Fiction ghostwriting today: Amazon and hot-selling genres

Once you get a reputation as someone who delivers, you'll have many more ghostwriting clients than you can handle — and you'll find yourself with a long waiting list of clients.

A couple of years ago a new breed of ghostwriting clients entered the marketplace. I call them "stealth" publishers. These publishers are data-driven and are prepared to pay well for novels in hot-selling genres, upfront.

Fiction authors who enjoy writing can develop a side hustle (or a full-time gig) as a fiction ghostwriter.

"Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days" includes:

  • Coaching: to help you to create goals and plans.
  • Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days, PDF, 114
  • Solid, practical information which takes you step by step through both writing novels and getting unadvertised ghostwriting gigs in just seven days.
  • Advice on hot genres which top-paying, high quality clients are happy to pay for, with substantial deposits.
  • Exercises. As you complete each exercises, you'll build your business.
  • Onboarding templates to help you to get paid: an invoice and terms of service template (TOS.)

What Angela's students say

"When Angela asked me to beta test the new fiction ghostwriting program I was ready to give up writing fiction for good. Two months later, I have three clients and plenty of time to write for them and write my own novel as well." F.L., USA

"Brand new fiction author here. I love Angela's courses but wasn't sure whether I could write fiction... My first partial just sold." Judi, Australia.

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Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days

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