Quick Fiction Fix: Write A Short Story Today, Sell It Tomorrow


Fiction outsells non-fiction by 6 to 1 on the Kindle store. If you can write stories readers love, you will make sales, even if you've never written fiction before.

Write a story, and publish it: all on the same day

You can write a short story in a few hours, create a cover, then upload it to Amazon and other ebook retailers…

And you can often sell your short fiction for the same price you sell full-length novels.


  • The elements of a short story which help you to write a story which readers love.
  • Top genres for writing and selling short fiction: explore genres: write stories readers love.
  • A simple template anyone can use to write a short story: use the template in any genre, and write with confidence.
  • An audience of readers for YOUR short fiction. Today, readers enjoy snack-sized fiction, which they can read when they have a spare ten or 15 minutes.

Quick Fiction Fix helps you to write a commercial short story, step by step. At the end of four lessons, you'll have a short story that's ready to publish... And you'll publish it.

Includes everything you need to write and sell short fiction:

  1. Coaching in writing short stories: a full hour of coaching from a veteran author and publisher.
  2. Quick Fiction Fix: Write A Short Story Today, Sell It Tomorrow, 70 pages, PDF.
  3. Two word count templates. Structure for two short stories,1 page, DOCX.
  4. Mind maps: 2 process mind maps to help you to create your workflow.
  5. Character creation worksheet, 1 page, PDF.
  6. Scene Checklist, to help you to create powerful scenes, 3 pages, PDF.

Start writing now. This program is perfect for new authors, and for established authors who want to sell more fiction.

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Everything you need to write powerful short stories which sell.

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Quick Fiction Fix: Write A Short Story Today, Sell It Tomorrow

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