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For Writers: Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day


If you’re a struggling freelance writer, you may feel that it’s impossible for you to make a healthy income. Did you know that many writers earn comfortable six figures?

You may be bidding endlessly on the freelance marketplaces, or spending hours each day applying for low-paying writing jobs.

Perhaps you’re a blogger, or a self-publishing author, who’s trying to find readers and make sales.

That ends now, with our new program.

Introducing our new writing program: Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day

You receive:

  • Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day. PDF, 58 pages. The powerful and practical process that’s easy to follow. Day by day, in just four weeks, you’ll develop the career you want.
  • Concurrently with the Lightning Strategy, or when you’ve completed your four weeks, discover the power of LinkedIn with: Get Started On LinkedIn In Just 7 Days: Achieve Your Goals and Boost Your Business. PDF, 73 pages. Build your presence on LinkedIn, the professional social media network. Make contacts and connections.
  • Ready for coaching? Complete your brief questionnaire (it's in your package); it takes minutes. Send it back to us. You receive a full hour of coaching in any form that suits you, as well as an Action Plan.

Find the full details of the program here.

Questions? Please ask.

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For Writers: Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day

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