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Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks Workbook


Short fiction sells. Discover bite-sized fiction. It's addictive for readers. They buy your fiction in episodes.

Are you a self-publishing fiction author?

I chatted with an author recently. She’s written and published six novels and is desperate. She’s ready to stop writing fiction. “What’s the point?” She asked. “I’m getting great reviews, but advertising takes so much time and money—I spend more time marketing than writing. If I stop advertising, sales stop too.”

Today, readers are spoiled. Amazon’s Kindle Store offers millions of novels; many are free. Thousands of new novels are published each month. How do you help your readers to find your books?

It’s a challenge, and as more and more books are published, it won’t become easier to find readers.

But what if there were an easy way you could focus on your strength, writing, to find new readers and fans easily?

Say hello to bite-sized, addictive fiction.

I’m a huge fan of serial fiction, because it’s such an easy way to make sales, promote yourself as an author, and win readers and fans.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon realized that there’s money in serial fiction, and launched the Kindle Vella serial fiction platform in 2021.

The Plan, Write, and Publish Serial Fiction in Four Weeks Workbook


  • The Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks Program & Workbook, 84 pages, PDF. Solid, practical information to help you write serial fiction, as well as promote your serials.
  • The workbook exercises, 18 pages, PDF. Fun exercises to help you to write your serials.
  • Coaching: a full hour’s coaching, via email: a $400 value, yours free. Assistance with writing your serial and promoting it.

Can YOU write serials?

Of course you can. Get started, and remember your coaching. You're never alone; I'm here to help.

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Everything you need to write serials, starting today: a complete program, to help you to write and sell. Guidance and help is available too.

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Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks Workbook

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