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Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today


Words and ideas rule the world; there’s never been a better time to be a writer.

Unfortunately we can get so caught up looking for writing jobs that we miss simple opportunities, which are right in front of you. You forget that you have skills, and innate creativity, that most people don't have.

If you're a writer, you can increase your income, sometimes within minutes

Here's an example. One of my writing students went to a local mall one afternoon to shop for a wedding gift.

She left the mall three hours later with the wedding gift, as well as a couple of writing gigs.

How did she do it? She kept her eyes open, and asked.

The gigs:

  • She create a slogan for a new business: $700
  • She gave a shop content ideas for their website, and invoiced them $1100 a week later.

She was open to opportunities. She looked for them, because she knows that people don’t buy “writing”. They buy solutions.

Become an ideas person: people want and buy solutions

Instead of thinking about writing, think of pain points: problems. People want solutions to their problems. Sometimes they’re aware a problem exists, but often they’re completely unaware.

By the time my writing student went into that mall, she’d become an ideas person; an expert on spotting problems, as well as spotting opportunities.

Our new program helps you to do that too.

New program: Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today

As writers, we trade time for money. But clients pay for solutions to their problems. What if you could spend a few minutes creating something that solves a problem for a client… and he pays very well for it?

In our new program, you’ll discover how to create short content clients pay for, including:

  • Ideas (create an idea, charge for it… How much you charge is up to you).
  • Slogans, greeting cards, calendars… Use your imagination. Sell to your current or prospective clients.
  • Seasonal holiday writing: help businesses which need help, and get paid.
  • And much more…

What’s included…

  • Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today: PDF, 56 pages. Everything you need to find and create opportunities to increase your writing income FAST. Often, within hours.
  • Social Media Copywriting And Graphics: Get Attention And Sell More: PDF, 77 pages. How to use social media to promote anything, including your ideas.
  • Coaching, via email. Two coaching sessions are included. (A $400 value.)

Comments from beta testers

“In 30 minutes, I created a new income stream. I made $850 immediately… Gigs lined up for three months.” Kevin, USA

“Contacted my client list and got a contract at once, for a new line of cards and T shirts from a client who sells on Etsy. Thank you.” Noelle, UK.

“Got an idea, created a Shopify account, created my line of products. Sales immediately, just from a couple of tweets. Excited.” Tillie, NZ.

Questions? Please ask

Contact me via or DM me: @angee on Twitter.

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Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today

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