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The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes


Love short stories? Me too, because they offer instant gratification, for you, as well as for your readers.

Readers have always loved them.

Write short stories for readers who need a quick boost of entertainment

Imagine this: you have a brilliant story idea. In just an hour, you create a quick first draft. Revise, and your story is ready to be published.

How many stories could you write next weekend?

Publish them individually, then publish them again, as a collection.

Readers who don't have time to read your novels can enjoy an entertaining read while on a bus or train, or while they’re waiting for their kids to finish a sporting activity.

Stories sell for decades, even centuries

Here's a secret. I have several pen names. Each name has multiple long-running series. Promotion should be a nightmare, shouldn’t it?

How do you promote so many books to various audiences?

Here’s a secret.

Promotion is painless. Each pen name has a dedicated website. Every few months, I publish a new short story to a site. With occasional cover-reveal posts and new-release announcements, the sites get trickles of traffic and sales.

Those trickles keep growing too. New readers arrive at the sites via the backmatter links in newly published short stories.

Our first short story program, “Quick Fiction Fix: Write A Short Story Today, Sell It Tomorrow” is very popular.

So why a new program?

Recently a coaching student told me that one of her short stories outsells everything else she's written. "It's become the foundation of my self-publishing business," she said. "This story introduces my readers to my work. I don't know why this one story resonates with readers so much, I'm just grateful that it does."

Short stories are powerful. I know they’ll help you to achieve success.

That's why we've created this new program.

My students have had great success with our new formula. With this formula, anyone (even if you've never written any fiction) can write and sell with confidence.

New: The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes

Write once, sell forever.

The formula’s easy to remember. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you craft a satisfying story. One hour—that's all it takes.

What if you could…

- Learn the formula in minutes: write and publish a story today.

- Increase your income with each new addition to your publishing catalogue.

- Attract new readers: the more you publish, the more readers you’ll get.

- Build a successful self-publishing business.

- Write as much or as little as you please. Whenever you need more sales, write a story.

Here’s what’s included in the new program

- The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes, PDF, 53 pages. Powerful and simple. Once you learn the formula, writing all your fiction with be easier.

- The Basic Short Story Template, PDF, 4 pages. Short and to the point. Keep it handy on your phone.

- (Bonus) Easy Plotting: How To Write Bestselling Fiction, PDF, 29 pages. Everything you need to know to write your bestsellers.

- Three classic short stories to inspire you.

- Coaching: a full hour of personal coaching in self-publishing from a veteran author and publisher, as well as an Action Plan designed for you. The coaching is via phone or email, whichever suits you. (This is a $400 value.)

My fiction writing students have tested this program for six months

Comments include:

- “Published my first story today. Three sales.” (From a new, unpublished author.)

- “Stuck on a novel… Turned part of it into a story, and published it on my website… Ten pre-orders this week.” (An established author.)

- “I thought I couldn’t write fiction. I wrote my first story before I finished the program.” (A nonfiction author, new to fiction.)

Questions? Contact me at any time.


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Everything you need to write and publish successful short stories fast.

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The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes

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